Simplify Your Life Hack

When did our lives get so complicated?Simplify Your Life HackWe need calendars, reminders and apps just to get us through the day. Our houses are bigger, our cars are fancier and our jobs…more complicated. What if you could make just one little tweak to simplify all sorts of things in your busy daily life?

A lot of our days are spent doing “busy” work. We’re constantly thinking about what it is we have to do instead of executing the actions to get them done. It’s exhausting and a needless waste of time.

The answer for simplifying your life, is in establishing routines. Once you get into a routine your day suddenly doesn't seem as chaotic and neither does your life. It’s a beautiful cycle. You know exactly what you should be doing next and can do half of it on auto-pilot, and with ease.

Below are a few ideas for routines and good habits worth establishing.

  • Choose a certain time to eat breakfast, lunch and/or dinner and stick with it for a week or forever.
  • Pick out your clothes, or outfit the night before.
  • Come up with a morning routine to get your next day off to a smooth start.
  • Plan or prepare your meals weekly.  
  • Establish a grocery shopping day.
  • Establish a cleaning day/schedule.
  • Set aside a day for running errands.
  • Set up auto pay for as many bills as possible.
  • Use a calendar to keep track of everyone's schedule and appointments. Consider using an online version like Google calendar that will sync across multiple devices.
  • Create alarms and reminders for everything important.
  • Pick a time and day to exercise.  

Next, look at what you do when you’re at work. How can you take what you’re doing there and break it down into routines? Write them out and start getting into your work routines.

Simplify Your Life Hack: Assignment 

Pick one or two [if the first one is small] routines and work on those. Don’t try to change too many things at once. Pick your routines and stick to them until they become a habit. Only then add something else to simplify your life. Before you know it, you’ll move through the better part of your day without having to think about these things, leaving the valuable brain space to focus on the important stuff. J