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Compassionate, real life, relationship advice. “Getting the Girl” is a beautifully written publication while maintaining an honest balance of respect and truth. While written for men, the advice can be applied to manners, respect, kindness and love have no boundaries and should be shared and given in abundance no matter the technicalities.

This book is scribed in its rawest form and straight from my heart to your ear. Without a whisper or word within it of the differences between us that at times seem to be such a great divide. But instead; the greatest gift I could give you; and from the best source possible – a woman.

My respect for you is deep. As we share a common bond and what I want for you looks very much like what you want for yourself. Lasting love in a partner you adore who will enrich, through good times and bad, and for your life.

I love you. All of you. You are my brother’s, my comrades and my best friends. Two of you are my sons. It has been nothing less than an honor to answer the questions that have alluded so many of you for so long. To gently lead you, address the hard issues and the taboo ones too.

In the past 13 years, I’ve written many books, and in many genres; but none have been more enjoyable than this one. My motivator and goal is to support and help steer you in the best direction. Because without you, there’d be no “us.”

I know, if you’re reading “Getting the Girl”, it’s because you’re seeking relationship advice, you long to be loved the way you deserve and/or you need help where it is due. But I’m also acutely aware that somewhere, somehow, we…you and I…that somebody, put a wedge between us. They drew a line in the sand and declared an unfair and unnecessary contention between us.

They said; “we are weak, you are strong.” They also said; “we aren’t equal partners.” Oh my goodness…some of them even said; “you are better than we.”

Today, and if you are willing, I am closing this divide. I’m removing the contention; and I am bringing us together, in harmony…WHERE WE BELONG!

Here’s what I say: “Nope, I don’t think so! That’s ridiculous! You are only as strong as your conviction and the woman who supports and stands behind you. Together we stand, and divided we fall, but together, we make one hell of a team.”

From this day forward…I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you drink it. Every word written within “Getting the Girl,” is with the deepest love in my heart and the utmost respect towards and FOR you, without leading you astray.

Enjoy, God Bless and may you find your ‘happily ever after’…

~ Susan

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