Printable Pages for Adult Coloring

The printable  pages for coloring page is like Christmas Day, Mardi Gras, a trip to the candy store and perusing the arts and crafts department all without leaving your home and all wrapped in one. Or perhaps it just doesn’t take that much to excite me.

Either way, here you’ll find an eclectic array of pages. From free, to mind blowing unique. And the common thread for all of them is that they are downloadable. 

Click directly on the artists easel below to take you to the particular coloring pages you'd like to download, print and color. These links when clicked on will open in a new window.

Expertise Artisan printable pages

These printable coloring pages are like none I've ever seen before. In fact, I was unsure as to introduce this clever idea, but am anxious to hear from you whether or not this crazy 'out of the box' idea of mine was a good one or not.

Here I layered your basic picture inside a background with pops of color. By doing this makes your final coloring sheet look as if you've been coloring all of your life. In addition to the huge boost to your self esteem when it's admired by all who see it and now you've taken adult coloring to a whole new dimension! 

All different ways and methods of coloring are great for various types of mental health; but this particular kind of coloring page is especially great for depression because of the boost of confidence achieved by it especially when others are raving about your work.

affordable Printable Pages

These printable coloring pages are affordable because, well...they should be!  

If you know anything about me then you know I live my life by way of karma and what you put out in this universe comes back to you full circle.

My tithings are most often not monetary but the knowledge I possess and my compassion that runneth over. 

If I didn't have to maintain this site or the costs incurred to provide YourAdvoKit, the tools, software, storage, resources, etc; there'd be no cost at all. But I do, so there is. But I keep them as low as I can.


These printable coloring pages are just as therapeutic as the coloring sheets I create and sell in both my adult coloring books and the printable coloring pages here on

The only difference is none are of the "Expertise Artisan" variety [meaning none will have 'pops of color.' [**well, maybe just 1 so you can see what all the rage is about!] 

These pages are free because for some, purchasing adult coloring pages may be out of their monetary reach. I simply want for you to have as many tools in your toolbox needed to heal and grow strong. These pages are NOT intended for resell, by anyone...independent, personal or business use. They are for your PERSONAL use only!