These printable coloring pages are black and white pictures dropped inside backgrounds with pops of color to enhance your final page. 

These coloring pages are absolutely beautiful when you've put your stamp on them. I know, I've been coloring them for a very long time.

There are cons and I want you to beware of them before you take the plunge of buying and downloading for yourself. Because at the end of the day these pages are meant to improve the quality of your emotional health. If you download one and aren't happy because it didn't print sufficiently, you're going to be upset and then that defeats the purpose.

I don't want that for you so I've listed a couple of tips below AND I've added 1 of the Expertise Artisan coloring pages for free download so that you can put colored pen or pencil to this extremely unique printable coloring page to try first before buying.


  • you'll obtain the best quality pages when printed from a high quality printer.
  • you'll obtain the best quality pages when using high quality or manufacturer printer ink installed in your printer.
  • you'll obtain the best quality when ALL ink cartridges are no less than 1/3 empty.
  • you'll obtain the best quality using sheets of paper that are 24 lbs in weight. In my opinion, color is a personal preference. Both white and cream are great choices.
  • before printing; make sure your printer settings are as follows:

          print in Color

Those are to name a few. Your printer may have other options but the bottom line is to check or uncheck all options that would ensure your page is printing at the highest quality possible.

In addition to these computer tips, I steered clear from using colors that were extremely vibrant, deep or bright and instead soft and light enough to not use up all of your ink yet do these pages great justice.

It was a recipe creating them. A dash of this, a pinch of that...and wah lah...the Expertise Artisan printable coloring pages were born.

If your printer doesn't meet these qualifications but you aren't convinced you want to give up the 'Expertise Artisan' coloring page?

You have a couple of other options:

1. Download them anyway. Put them on a memory card. Go to your nearest office supply store and use their professional printers to print out the pages you've downloaded to your USB/memory card. This option is fairly inexpensive.

...or 2. Ditch the idea of downloading the 'Expertise Artisan' coloring pages and instead download one of the other printable pages on colored paper!

It won't be exactly the same, but if you choose paper that is of a light hue; i.e. pale yellow, powder blue, soft pink, etc. [so that it's not overbearing and doesn't overpower the color of whichever coloring tool you're using] then it will still give it that pop of color and more dimension then had you not.

Your free printable coloring page

[To download simply right click and save to your computer.]

There are 3 versions of the same coloring page. Feel free to download just one or all three. I merely couldn't decide which one to upload because personally I think they're ALL beautiful!

Following the free printable coloring pages are thumbnails of the Expertise Artisan coloring sheets that can be purchased through Paypal.

I would LOVE to hear what you think about these unique pages. If you've a moment to spare and wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts with me; I would be extremely grateful for it. 

Expertise Artisan Pages

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