Self Help Life Hack: Outgoing  

You are born as you are. For those of us who are “introverted,” we must work at being social in most all situations. We are not comfortable and it shows…we are awkward, sweaty, stutter our words and can NOT wait to get the hell out of there!

Put us in a crowd? It’s tenfold! This is a BIG deal. This is your life; and if you can’t function normally or appropriately and with other people in your life…then your life becomes much, much more complicated! People who are born extroverted, these things are easy for them…they make friends no matter where they go. They are fun, free spirited and everyone wants to be around them!

We on the other hand agonize about what to say, how not to sound stupid and before you know it, we’ve talked ourselves out of walking up to someone to say “hello.” What if I told you that there is a simple hack you can do that will help you become more outgoing? It’s simple, but it does take a little effort on your part. But most things worth a hill of beans require at least some effort, even if just a smidgen.

It’s practice! Yip, you heard me, practice makes perfect. The idea with this hack is that you strike up a conversation every day. Ideally this will be in person and in real life, but even online can have some benefits. For many introverts; online chats or texting a conversation, is much easier than speaking in person or on the phone. Just don’t limit your time exclusively in this manner, because it’s easy to do.

If this description fits you, you’ll need to work a little harder to push past it. By striking up conversations with strangers while you wait in line at the grocery store, pharmacy or amusement park, you’re winning your battle against social anxiety in the best way possible. If it’s too intimidating at first…start out by going to places you’re fairly certain you won’t run into people you don’t know even if that means driving a half hour from your home.

Never stop to “think” about whether you will or won’t talk to somebody or not …just do it. Given time to talk yourself out of it, is too much time to change your mind. JUST DO IT. This method is guaranteed to work! For some quicker than others…but has a 100% success rate.

So, talk to people as you come across them throughout your day. If you find you haven’t talked to anyone new by late afternoon, go run an errand or go for a walk; in your neighborhood, or your local park, with the intention of finding someone new to talk to. Before you know it - all your effort will have paid off and you’ll find you’ve become that outgoing person you’ve always wanted to be. Conversations become easy; and it’s effortless to meet new people. That’s a big change from one little life hack.


Outgoing: Life Hack Assignment

Come up with a list of at least 10 [but as many as you can] places & situations where you can practice talking to people. Then pick one per day to begin with as well as striking up conversations as you come across people you hadn’t listed. Cross these off your list as you achieve them.

Download the Outgoing Life Hack Assignment Sheet