Mental Health Self Help Disclaimer: Must Read!

YourAdvoKit is of the "mental health self help," genre, with enriching resources and powerful tools. Because of that, it's disclaimer must pack as powerful a punch, while also remaining 100% transparent! It's about a mutual respect, right out of the gate. And is imperative you read and understand it’s message and the importance behind it.

But first…no matter your story; [and I know you have one] those of us who suffer one way or another from a mental illness, our stories may look a little different and vary in size, shape and form on the surface. But deep down; no matter the particulars…we pretty much carry the same heavy load. PLEASE know - you’re not alone. There are people just like you; who hurt, are afraid, confused, unhappy and a lot of the times…unsure as to what to do or who to turn.

But don’t give up. No matter how hard it is and how easy it would be to do so. The expression; “one day at a time” is - for those of us who don’t feel well, far too long - an eternity. For a lot of us it’s more of a matter of taking it “minute by minute.” But the most important part is to never quit, never quit, never quit.

The University of Life’s Mental Health Hard Knocks

Next, and here’s where it’s important you understand who I am, the knowledge I possess and where I’m coming from: 

I’m not a licensed professional. I do not hold any formal certifications in mental health. Nothing I say or do should be taken as medical advice but merely online mental health "self-help". You should always consult your doctor for answers, advice and/or to prescribe for you, the medications or type of therapies you may need.

If you are EVER in danger of harming yourself, DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

Don’t stop for even a millisecond to think about it! Pick up your phone and dial the number. Given even one second is one too many and may be the last and worst decision you’ll ever make.

Listen, I’m no stranger to suicide; attempted - successful & even seriously considering it myself. And I’ve seen the ramifications of all. My grandfather had 3 out of 4 brothers; uncles I adored…who chose to “check out” this way. My list of this kind of heartbreak, is sadly much longer than listed here and my exposure to it began when I was just a child.

Often the attempt itself is not successful and you’re left disabled for the rest of your life. If you succeed; you’ve left your family severely heartbroken and forever guilt ridden that they were unable to do more.

Lack of Degree Aside

I do have years’ experience…decades. And because of the severity of my emotional health, I am quite knowledgeable of a lot of areas regarding mental health and all the self-help options available.

I have spent years and diligent research. Not just of the “online” kind. But going into treatment, any kind of treatment that I thought would help me. Anything that resonated…And “anything” is worth the work required so you can breathe a little easier and sleep comfortably at night.

The internet has changed life as we know it; good and bad. And has proven to be an enormous resource and provider of tools that can be used to help ease depression and anxiety; in fact, most all things mental health. When utilized to its fullest potential, (and a dash of caution;) it can be life changing, no matter the area of life you’re changing or uncomplicating.

Because of this and the abundance of extraordinary resources available to you, me, businesses, etc. And because there is no "one size fits all” remedy for depression and anxiety; what helps me, may not help you… I’ve also purchased the rights to many of these tools and products that allow me to pass them onto you – in addition to writing/publishing my own. **If by chance you’re using a tool, reading a book or a resource not created by me, it will be indicated.

The tools and products I purchased are the resources that fall out of my realm or capabilities to better help you – take hypnosis for example. But I feel these resources are extremely important and useful tools that should be made available.

My forte is “coloring books for adults,” and art therapy in general. But I hadn’t intended on making them public. Initially, the coloring books were graphics I’d created for my eyes and use only. But when my family saw them – they encouraged me to share them with you.

Aside from the adult coloring pages…

I’m a HUGE fan of worksheets, tip sheets, and motivational quotes. Because they’re “bite sized” and it’s the smaller things that often make the biggest impact.

Personally, I get overwhelmed when faced with big projects or assignments. I wholeheartedly believe people achieve their biggest successes when digested in “small bites.”

Again, I am NOT a trained adviser/professional. and all the information including its products…are not medically approved but meant only to help, support and encourage you to get the professional help you DESERVE!

I also welcome your input and suggestions. If there’s something you’d like to see more of or an area you’d like to see expanded, please let me know.

You Go Girl/Guy!

Love ~Susan