LOA for Depression

Sadness, anxiety, and hopelessness all rolled into one can rapidly mutate from a minor issue to a severe problem if you don’t get control of the situation fast. Not everyone wants to go on prescription medication to alter their mind in an effort to deal with depression. 

Some people prefer to handle it naturally, and in a homeopathic manner. The law of attraction is one of many methods you can use to ease your symptoms of depression and anxiety once you recognize it’s these things you’re suffering from. 

The law of attraction is not a medication but a way of life. It’s not a magical formula where you wake up one morning and wish that the universe would make you feel whole again. And it’s not someone asking you to put on a happy face and lie about how you’re feeling. 

It doesn’t require a trained professional’s assistance, a doctor or certified provider and months or years of grueling sessions to learn how to apply the law of attraction to your life.

The law of attraction is a practical mindset shift to bring you the ultimate happiness and quality of life that you need to function day to day but most importantly…deserve. 

Manifested Depression

If you already know that you suffer from depression, it’s guaranteed that you’re manifesting it yourself; whether you realize it or not. That doesn’t mean it’s your fault or that bad things haven’t happened or that you have to sweep it under the rug and pretend everything’s rosy.

Chances are, it started first because it's an inherited illness. But from there the manifestation comes into play because no one has ever taught you how to NOT let it fester and turn into a much bigger mountain that was once a mole hole.

For too long, you’ve been living your life chained to what’s negative in your life and not enough time bringing good things to yourself.

Going to bed and waking up every morning depressed is a sign that your thought patterns are hung up in the state of sadness or whatever negative emotion you’re emitting, as though you’ve stepped foot in a lake of quicksand and you can’t break free of it. 

And often times you feel as if the more you struggle, the deeper into a depressed state that you get. You MUST stop the struggle today – learn how to slowly recover and avoid falling into this trap in the future. 

Manifesting a state of mind means you’re actively focused on something specific. When this happens, you get more of the same. If you’re cheerful and upbeat, the world around you reacts in a similar state. So does the opposite hold true. Hence the expression: “misery loves company” and if you’re always miserable…more than likely so will be the company you keep.

The first step is in looking at what you DON’T want. My guess is you’re a pro at this. But I don’t like speaking for others. So may I ask you…do you think maybe you tend to [overly] focus on the negatives? Maybe what is bad about your relationship, your career, and your failures? 

Why don’t we do this…let’s have one last hurrah with it so you can validate your feelings, and then release them from captivity inside your soul to make room for the better mindset that’s going to soothe and comfort you on a day-to-day basis?

Are you game? If so…let’s do this! 

Don’t be generic. Find a spot to sit alone and concentrate. Take a notebook with you, use the worksheet I put together for you at the end of this article or do this exercise in your mind, but be very aware of the details. 

Make a list of everything wrong for you right now. Don’t just say, “I have a bad relationship.” Instead, get specific. Say, “I need more affection from my spouse or partner. I need hand holding and kisses and more intimacy on a daily basis.”

You have to get real and pinpoint the problem because one way to heal is through taking action steps, and that’s one thing you’ll be learning shortly.  

You should also write down why all this is happening to you. Is it someone else’s fault? Are you plagued with bad luck? You need to see what you believe has caused this for so long. 

Also look at how depression is making you feel physically. Depression isn’t just a state of mind – it manifests itself in your body in an unhealthy manner. Does your body ache all over when you feel down? Does your stomach hurt or does it feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest? I can tell you firsthand the physical effects depression has on one’s body is astounding. From migraines to digestive disorders…all body parts are fair game.

Get in touch with that physical emotion so that you’ll be able to do things that keep you free of pain and discomfort as you work on letting some light into your life. 

What Is It You Want Out of Life?

You need to look at that list and use it as a tool to develop the kind of life that you want. The law of attraction is about attracting the right things into your life. So if you want affection, you have to give affection.

You might be thinking, “I tried. It didn’t work. I made him/her dinner and they weren’t appreciative.” So you gave up. 

Part of what makes the LOA work so well is when you come from a pure and whole place in your heart. If you go into each change with expectations and entitlement (I did this so he has to do this), you won’t get the same results as you would if you did it selflessly. 

“Selflessly” is the key word here. Please keep it in mind and put your focus on it when moving forward form here.

This is hard to get used to. We sometimes live in a “tit for tat” state of mind. If we don’t get what we feel we deserve, our reactions are anger, hurt, and disappointment. But once you can finally ACCEPT this piece of it, and be “okay” with not always getting back “equally” what you put into it…really, it’s all downhill and so much easier from here. From this point of acceptance, everything else just seems to fall into place.

But if you can’t accept it? This can tip you over into a state of depression because you are always feeling wronged and let down. So if you can love for the right reasons, or work without praise because it’s the right thing to do, you release yourself from those chains of negativity and open the door for some new, positive feelings to step in. 

Instead of feeling bad after an incident where you felt disrespected, you’re focused on what you did right – and that's a great feeling. It’s like when you take a name off of the annual Angel tree in the mall and buy toys for a child.

You go into that knowing you’re not going to see a reaction or get a verbal thank you. You simply do it because it’s right and it feels good, right? Your daily life should operate in the same manner.

Just as you made a negative list of what’s wrong with your life, or what you don’t want, you should now make a positive, ideal life list. What is going right – what do you want to keep the same? What other lifestyle issues do you want to ask the universe for and make happen for yourself?

Do you want better health? More wealth? Enhanced beauty?

It’s all at your fingertips if you are ready to embrace a radical change in your thought processes. It’s done using a two-step process – changing your mindset, and taking action steps.

Start by recognizing that those causes you blamed in the last section are not real or true. The cause of your state of life is in fact - you. If you’re in a bad relationship or bad career, it’s because you’ve allowed it. 

This is a harsh realization to make, but it’s a reality. If you had changed your mindset and action steps earlier, you wouldn’t be in this position. Don’t beat yourself up about it, though – because you’re making change now – and that’s something to be highly proud of!

Daily Affirmations to Reverse Depression

Now you have to adopt a new routine – and in order to do that you must first recognize that it takes awhile. You have to learn new habits and rewrite over old ones. 

Don’t feel bad if you forget in the moment how to do it. Pick it up as soon as you realize it and move on. Over time, it will become second nature for you to live this way and you won’t have to try so hard or think about it as much – it will come naturally. 

**The “Personal Development Mini Course” is a great course for learning to do just this…learning new habits and breaking negative ones. It’s a painless 5 day course that packs a powerful punch. Take a minute when you’ve finished reading this article and go to the Nav bar to the left of this page. Under the “Toolbox” menu click on “Courses.” On the course page you’ll see the “Personal Development Mini Course” sign up box.

For the next 2 weeks, stay very aware of your present mindset. That doesn’t mean look back at the end of the day about how you felt. It means check in with yourself every half hour before too much time passes and see how you’re feeling. 

You don’t have to waste time writing some big journal entry about it, just do a self check. “How am I feeling right now in this second?”

If the answer is anything less than content, then pinpoint it. “What’s making me feel anxious or sad or angry?” 

When you know what it is, you want to do two things – first, implement a new mindset about it. If you’re feeling depressed because you’re in a job that you can’t stand, then repeat an affirmation that the law of attraction uses to write over your old mindset. 

You don’t want to go through your day chained to negative feelings about your job – you want to focus on making a better life. So you’ll say something like, “I am happy that I’m working on achieving my goal of becoming a … (and fill in the blank with whatever position it is you do want).”

Words alone aren’t enough. We’ll talk about action steps in a moment. Many LOA followers also use daily affirmations to uplift themselves. They would add on to that previous message and say something such as, “I am pleased that I love and honor myself enough to work toward a career of my choosing.” 

You might feel like this is unnatural in the beginning. You might even feel like it’s awkward. But your subconscious mind ingrains this message – whether you are actively thinking in a positive manner or a negative one, so continue doing the exercise regardless of how well you believe it will work at first. 

You’re teaching yourself to quit feeling bad and start looking at the good part of what’s happening at that very moment. Using daily affirmations in the moment, or before bed and right when you wake up, is a great way to reverse depression for good. 

Consider them akin to St Augustine grass. That is a hearty grass that, when thriving, will choke out weeds in a lawn, refusing to allow them to grow and infiltrate the plot of land. 

You’re doing the same. When your mind is focused on positive thoughts as often as possible, there’s simply no room for anything else. There’s no possibility for depression to take root because happiness is too strong and too plentiful in your life at that time. 

If you want to be more logical than simply ignoring the negative and replacing it with positive, then you can do that, too. You can say, “It’s understandable that I’m unhappy with this career, but I’m so proud of myself for working on a big change.” And then make that change!

When you use affirmations, always speak or think in the present, never the future. Don’t say, “I will try to get another job.” That’s a negative statement. It doesn’t promote an action. It’s merely stating exactly what you’re ALREADY doing; and that’s putting it off until tomorrow; what you should be doing TODAY. Besides, you’re changing your mindset. Forget the “I’ll TRY.”  You want to say, “I am getting a new career.” You are! You’re actively and currently working on steps to lead you to the day you can walk in your boss’ office and say “take this job and…!”

Action Steps That Refuse to Let Depression Resurface

The most important part of the law of attraction is when you start living life as if you already have what you want. That means every action you take is that of a happy person, not someone who is depression. 

Would a happy person crawl up into a ball on their couch and cry for hours because they hate their job? No. 

The person who is happiest actively makes the choices that bring for them contentment, security, serenity and joy. No one said it’d be easy, but if this is the life you envision; you have to be proactive and emulate these same actions as well as adapt the same mindset as those who are happy. If not, then nothing for you will change. If you don’t change, neither will your circumstances.

If you start picturing yourself at the same work desk with the same coworkers 10 years later, stop and picture yourself in a new job surrounded by the exact kind of people you enjoy. 

Then go to work on making that come true. What would someone who is happy in his or her career be doing? They would be growing their expertise. You could sign up for classes, take on tasks for free that give you experience – research – there are tons of options for you. 

You are going to be looking into who you want to work for (and why). You are going to be researching the company and what they’re looking for so that you can possess many of those qualities they’re looking for. 

Make a plan of action and then use your mind and action steps to go from a state of depression to a state of utmost happiness because your life is morphing into exactly what you want it to be.



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