The Law of Attraction Vision Board

If you’ve decided to commit to living by the Law of Attraction, then you’re going to have a good understanding of it and how to apply it to your daily life.

LOA isn’t complicated. And as if that isn’t enticing enough, you'll be tickled to know that it is scientifically proven and fact based too. In other words; if you are willing to give this your all, there is absolutely no reason you can’t lasso the moon. You just need to put forth the effort. But the bottom line is this…it is achievable AND it is within your reach.

So what is the Law of Attraction? Simply put; it’s "like attracts like." Not so simply put: “what you project out, comes back to you the same.” If you’re projecting negativity, then negativity will come back to you in some way shape or form. The same applies to positivity.  

But most importantly and key is almost phenomenal is that LOA is in fact, an energy. Energy you project; good or bad. But none the less, it is energy. Why phenomenal?


This is not theory. I’m not blowing smoke or giving you my opinion. This is a scientific, proven fact. Energy does-NOT-dissipate.

Now, take a few minutes to re-read that powerful statement. Process it. Read it again. Think about the power you can possess once you relinquish all that internal [and more than likely subconscious] negativity and begin living your life by way of the Law of Attraction.

Go ahead and take a few minutes. I’ll be here when you come back.

Shockingly profound isn’t it? And when you concede to it, relish in it and devour every aspect of it by creating your own positive energy; then you’ve won the battle. When the battle has been won, a path has been carved so that you can begin changing your life however it is you want to change it.

But…it takes more than winning this one battle. History has taught us; that when at war [metaphorically speaking when comparing it to our internal struggles with depression and anxiety] that winning a war requires; strategic planning, perseverance and strength. By having those ingredients in place you’re better able to succeed. By winning your battles one at a time; you stand a much higher chance at winning the war!

Perhaps your depression isn’t allowing you at this very moment to see through rose colored glasses. Not uncommon, as many of us when severely depressed wear glasses colored in shades of gray.


BTW, this too is scientifically proven. When in a severe state of depression, often what we “see” is tinted in the hue gray! Some people, including myself, who are aware of this fact; have the ability to notice the change of “color” when their depression has lifted, life goes back to looking the way it should - ‘rosy’.

But I have to ask…now that you know what LOA is; and I’ve explained to you that energy does NOT dissipate – it surrounds you 24/7; do you feel as though you have the power or strength to actually change your own life right now?

You and I aren’t speaking one on one to each other at the moment so I don’t know how you answered that question. I know there will be naysayers and for many reasons;

  • Skeptical by default because that’s how we were raised [I was fortunate to have been raised by a woman who believed in the LOA. For me this was just a way of life.]
  • Others just seem to “know it all” and won’t have anything to do with an idea that ‘they’ didn’t come up with themselves.
  • Then you have those of us who are just born “negative Natalie’s” [I apologize to all of you named Natalie. I love your name, I really do! It just so happened to rhyme with ‘negative’ that’s all!]
  • And finally, the most common of us all? Those of us who just don’t like change…ANY kind of change; good or bad.

I’m going to do something I rarely do by going out on a limb and speak for you. But only because I want to help, not control or for any other reason. You can accept it, or simply ignore me and move on. My kids ignore me all the time; so I’m no stranger to it, and wouldn’t be offended in the least. Cross my heart.

Here it goes…I’ve learned from my own experience that sometimes [and in my severest of depression and anxieties] that I’ve had to just go through the motions. For examples: when in life you want something; to quit smoking, to lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle in general, etc…you should do these things “for yourself” and not someone else or they won’t work or rather chances are you won’t be successful.

However, and this is a big however, and I feel a really BIG exception to the rule. When we are talking about all things emotional health; because you’re not always in “the right state of mind” this is one of the few exceptions when you might just have to do it for everyone else until “it clicks” and then you can do it for yourself.

This is my personal opinion; and is based on the common sense derived from my past experiences and is NOT professional advice. But with all my heart - I can truly say that I can’t see how it would cause a person harm and for the most part is the best advice for everyone involved.

Of course if you have experienced otherwise, I would be more than appreciative and interested in hearing your story and why it didn’t work for you so that I am better able to see all sides to everyone’s story.

If you can’t do it for yourself. If you can’t find the strength to find inner peace, joy, happiness, calm, and relief from severe phobia, anxiety, depression…do it for your son, your daughter, your spouse, your mother, your father, all of those you love most who reciprocate those same feelings of love. Hopefully, hopefully and before too long, it will click and you will in fact be able to “do it for yourself.”

YourAdvoKit is just that your advocate for all things mental health. And I will advocate for and do what I can to help you until I can’t advocate or help anymore. I am a firm believer that the LOA can be a life changing and a vital first step in creating the life you want, NOT dread or feel held prisoner to or living in.

More than anything what I want for you - is to get well, be well and STAY well.

How I can contribute to your wellness is by providing you with the tools and materials necessary for accomplishing these things. I’d be honored to instruct you as to how to use them and mentor you along the way.

The LOA is unbelievably powerful but it’s not magic…it’s ENERGY. And it’s a way of life. It’s best implemented on a solid foundation if it doesn’t come second nature to you. All that means is that we’ll have do some light housekeeping and take a couple essential steps to build that foundation. Don’t fret, there aren’t many, it’s not time consuming and it is DEFINITELY worth the effort. I promise!

One of the most efficient and quickest ways to get started with the Law of Attraction is by way of creating a vision board. Just below is a download link to the materials you’ll need to create your very own.

The vision board is a great, great tool. Please download it, create your board and refer to it frequently - as well as update it when necessary.

But don’t stop at the vision board. Please download and devour all of the Law of Attraction material on The Law of Attraction is not a fad, trendy or going out of style any time soon. It is a way of life and should be consumed on a regular basis just as you drink water, eat fish and take your daily vitamins for optimum health and longevity.

These tools and materials work like a well-oiled machine and with the help of this LOA Vision Board, together we will;

  • prosper
  • thrive
  • …and grow stronger, together…