Uncomplicating Life...A Hack a Day

This is the "a hack a day" home of all things, hacks & tools used for taking the complication out of everything we humans insist on making so damn complicated. Look for this area to grow quickly, as human nature dictates we take the smallest of mole hills and make the largest summits to climb. The self help “Life Hacks” is a freebie and I encourage all to read the summary here; and download the meatier version for when more time permits. Oh, and then LIVE by!


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 “Getting the Girl publication is my baby and one I’m most proud to date. The premise behind is meant for “boy meets girl…now what do you do?” but in all honesty, is just down right common sense and can be applied to all – man, woman, transgender, bisexual...as manners, respect, kindness and love have no boundaries and should be shared and given in abundance no matter the technicalities. 

As always, while these things are birthed initially with selfish intentions…they most always turn into what works best/is helpful for you. Your input and feedback are always appreciated and welcome. Just shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

Hugs, Susan

How to Become a Person Who Takes Action

Let me start by saying…none of the following hacks will happen if you are unwilling or unable to “take action.” You must want something badly enough or at least make the effort - to obtain the result…any result. I suggest before you delve in, you become a person of action, if you’re not already. If you are…then you’ve one less action to take. My lecture is over; so, let’s begin with the following exercise and how to take action, then we’ll dig into the self-help hack a day. As I’ve already mentioned above…you can choose to learn these hacks here on YourAdvoKit, and/or, download the guide; a meatier version, for reading when time permits. 

Some people are born doers.  Some people are born thinkers.  Some think about doing and never get anything done.  There are lots of ways to become a person of action and what works for someone else may not work for you.

Action people are usually very organized and seem to know exactly how to proceed from one project to another seamlessly & without effort. 

While the non-doers flounder in a world of disorganization, haplessly moving one piece of paper to another location without knowing why.  They have organized piles of “stuff.” By the end of the day, the flounders are still floundering and can’t understand why nothing has been accomplished and are exhausted from all the floundering.  They step back to assess their day’s accomplishments and deceive themselves into believing progress is being made, when little or nothing has been done. 

For flounders’, organization is an essential key.  All of that being said…before you delve into any of these, hack a day, self help hacks…make sure to read them thoroughly, follow their instructions, including the assignments that come with. I PROMISE you…within a very short amount of time, you will begin to see results. Your life will seem a lot less complicated, things will require less effort, take less time. You will feel more satisfied, fulfilled, and calm. The affect and the effect of these life hacks will be PROFOUND; and I’m not kidding you. Some will require more time than others, some more patience, but all things worth anything are things worth your time and effort invested. 

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