Giving Life Hack for Your Self Help 

We’ve become a very consumer-oriented society. That wasn’t always the case though. Going back just 2 or 3 generations, it was a lot more common for a family to give a portion of their income to their church, also known as a tithing. People were also more willing to open their wallets and donate to local charities and the Salvation Army, but it didn’t end there.

Neighbors would come help when there was a barn to be raised. Women would get together and help when another; family, friend, neighbor - was sick or hurt. And no matter how lean the years were, if someone needed a roof over their head or food on their table, without question…you helped. It was a simplistic, kind, compassion that was given without a second thought. Sadly...we don’t do much of that anymore, do we? Perhaps you’re thinking…”but I don’t have any extra money to spare?” Well…we’re also a society that’s so inclined to “throw the baby out with the bath water,” too and there’re so many more ways to contribute other than of the monetary kind.

You CAN be more giving without it costing you a dime if don’t have one to spare. There are thousands of charities supporting all sorts of worthy causes. And one of the easiest ways to work on being more giving is to find a charity you believe in and start supporting them right now…today. 

Time is money and just as if not more valuable. Call the charity you’re interest and ask how you can help/volunteer. If they aren’t local…perhaps you possess a skill, i.e. web design or photography for example, they could utilize.

Use your voice, and help spread the word about the charity and everything they do. We are all so connected to each other and everyone these days via social media, blogs and email. Share your story and why you are choosing to support the charity, group or cause. Help spread the word and get others involved by posting on Facebook, taking pictures of yourself involved with your cause and upload them to Instagram. Set up your charity/groups name alongside your email signature to go out with every email you send. Truly a self-fulfilling, selfless gift.  Something else amazing happens…whenever you give and whatever you give…come’s back to you. It doesn’t necessarily come back to you in the same amount or form, but the more you give the more you receive.

The act of giving is rewarding and humbling. It puts into perspective that perhaps your life isn’t as bad as you might think it is.

Other Donation Ideas:

  • Your skills
  • Hair [over 12” and healthy; generally donated for patients of cancer]
  • Clothes/ Coats
  • Food
  • Blood
  • [Eye] Glasses
  • Furniture [gently used]
  • Cars
  • Homemade Items/Crafts

Giving Life Hack Assignment

Find a charity or organization in which you resonate/enjoy. Give monetary support when you can. Volunteer, and spend time spreading the word about this cause you’re so passionate. Share it on your social media accounts and add it to your email signature. Lastly…ask your friends to join you in your cause. All charities, organizations and groups are always looking for ways to gain more support. And it starts with just one person…you! J

Giving Self Help Life Hack Assignment Sheet