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For the life of me; and for a very long time…I just couldn’t figure out how to balance my business, my heart, my finances, and what I’ve always to believe as God’s will and my calling.

After all; the spirit of YourAdvoKit is in advocating for your emotional health – and uncomplicating the complicated. All the while, providing the tools and resources to do just that in the most cost effective manner, if not for free. YourAdvoKit stands strong only because of the rock-solid foundation it was built on. From the get go I made a promise to myself that money would never, ever be the deciding end factor for any of my decisions. I wouldn’t compromise quality, cut corners, or set high prices for the sake of lining my own pockets.

From the depths of my soul and even deeper depths of my own many mental illnesses; I knew that if I hurt this badly, I wasn’t the only one. And if I had such a difficult time jumping through all the darn health insurance policy hoops, holes, rules and bullpoopy…I wasn’t the only one. In the United States, we have a severely broken health care system. It’s far easier to buy drugs and weapons…off our streets, then getting decent health care. Getting help when you are sick just shouldn’t be that hard. Getting help when you’re sick, and depressed, and anxious and agoraphobic makes jumping through those hoops the insurance companies insist you jump, swing, twist, flip and twirl - feels shameful, embarrassing and then…angry. Long story short…Getting help period…just shouldn’t be that hard.

From my own experiences & materials derived from; including the tools and resources I’ve spent years and money to obtain because they were areas I wasn’t well enough versed or didn’t have the appropriate criteria behind my name to responsibly create myself. I had to find a balance between helping without the hoops, the money, and the compassion the tugged so hard on my heart.

Do you remember I mentioned earlier that I’ve always considered YourAdvoKit or some form of - “God’s will and my calling?” My YourAdvoKit journey actually began over a decade ago and after not one, but two of my intermediate family members were in dire need of mental health care…and I mean DIRE! It was seriously lacking then as it seriously does now. I knew then, as I know now…I had to do something.

I’ve spent years creating materials, books, cheat sheets, tip sheets, coloring pages, and more. As well as purchasing the rights to many high-quality materials so I may offer them to you; for example, hypnosis. If a product is not created by me, it’s indicated as so. The more I purchased and the longer I held onto the website, building it, managing and maintaining it, became more and more expensive. I don’t work outside my home. I’ve too many disabilities. It’s been difficult, and only by the Grace of God have we managed to keep our heads above water. What in the world was I going to do? I don’t want to charge anything for these materials. If you feel half as bad as I did…you are miserable; and I don’t want that for you.

But there’s a method to my madness. I make all important decisions on Wednesday evening’s and after I’ve met with my therapist that afternoon and then…I let go and let God. He NEVER lets me down. It was with His help I came up with and am rolling out…the Beta Bundles!!!

It’s a win/win, and here’s how they work. There are absolutely no differences between the “Beta Bundles” and the products with a price tag [except cost of course.] Beta Bundles will sit on the BB page for an extended period, more than likely 6 months. They are free to download for everyone. 

The only thing I ask in return is [but not required]:

Free Anxiety And Depression Self Help: Pay it forward [or back?]

  • Reviews [that I may use when they are rolled over to the store]
  • Suggestions [so I can improve upon the next or current Beta Bundle]
  • Feedback [just tell me what you think overall]
  • Tell Your Friends, spread the word!

Again...these requests are not requirements to download a Bundle, but will help me to improve products and become a better person. Oh, and are VERY much appreciated!

When I move a Beta Bundle to the store front, I’ll replace it with another Beta Bundle equivalent to the topic. Whether it be adult coloring pages, an eBook, a MP3 download, Video or a Powerpoint presentation.

My idea behind the Beta Bundles is to provide healing, in many cases…life changing materials to those who can’t afford it…all the while generating an income that will sustain my business AND hopefully grow it by enabling me to make the tweaks and greasing the squeaks because you were kind enough to give me your opinions and suggestions.

And that starts right here…if you’d like to comment on the “Beta Bundle” brainchild of mine…shoot me an email. If you’re ready to start downloading some bundles now…click on the appropriate images below.

Always on your side…Susan

Free Coloring Pages for Adults
Free Mandala Coloring PagesFree Coloring Pages for Adults Including Mandala Pages And Mental Health Self Help

DISCLAIMER: While these pages may be downloaded, and used by you for free and are intended to be used freely by you to help ease emotional distress: They may not be used for resale; downloaded and altered or used in any other publication and are the sole property of YourAdvoKit takes the crime of theft very seriously and performs a daily search online, of all coloring page images and other materials and YourAdvoKit Products that may have found their way online unethically, to another’s website or publication or for resell. If you are a blogger and weave “Content Curation” within your site; I’m okay with that. So long as you abide by and “morally content create” within the strict guidelines of…in other words…give credit where it’s due – and link back to the appropriate pages. I have a profound respect for all of you, and expect no less in return. Thank you all.