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Hi there! Thanks again for downloading the "Hue Knew? Review" Adult Coloring Book and now taking the time to review it! As promised, the form is short and sweet. Just a couple of questions, most importantly is the area for you to write your response. 

Thank you so very, VERY much and blessings to you and yours!


If you recall...I told you in the coloring book there'd be a surprise on this page when you came to fill out your review...I lied! I have TWO of them!

Both of these bonuses can be obtained on the page that opens once the review form is submitted.

One more, I do NOT require you enter your email address; however, if for any reason you'd like for me to contact you or would like to discuss any of these books, or the one you reviewed...then enter your email address and indicate to me that you'd like for me to reply back to you. Otherwise, filling out that part of the form is optional. And as ALWAYS...your address is safe with me, I promise!

Hue Knew? Review Adult Coloring Book

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