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If Eastern Medicine "Prozac, and Zoloft" worked...then you and I wouldn't be here today. You wouldn't be reading this page...and I would never have written it. Don't get me wrong - I'm not throwing in the towel. I'm not declaring war against the scientists or doctors behind modern day medicine. These medications do work for some. And there are many "layers" behind many people's mental health as I've discussed on other area's of this site. There's no "one size fits all" for anyone. What I am saying is this...

Depression and anxiety are chemical imbalances that occur for many reasons including hereditary. I don't know what caused yours but I do know you're here now which means whatever you're doing isn't working very well. I know for many - using a combination of both Eastern and Western medicine is the best suite for them. It's how I chose to relieve my own emotional health. And after some time of tweaking and adjusting...I've found a really good formula to stabilize my once severely unstable state of mind. Just as your support system. For me, is my mother, sons, sister, father and grandparents and YOU!

Mental health is a subject that continues to carry an unfair stigma. It's heartbreaking to me because all my life I've been surrounded by people who've suffered from one type of mental issue or another. I'm sympathetic to anyone who is affected by this, but when it hits close to's even more devastating. 

My mental health took a severe toll on my health a few years ago; I was a suicidal mess. I was one of the lucky ones and having the support of the most loving, understanding family in the whole stinking world. But not everyone is this supportive, or so warmly embraced when their mental health plummets; and is why I took it upon myself once I was well, and in an emotionally sound place and feet planted on solid ground and launched YourAdvoKit.

You see, your support system doesn't have to be family or friends. In a perfect world, and while it would be nice and make you feel most loved, cherished and embraced for who you are and what you're going through...I will love, cherish and embrace you for who you are and what you're going strings attached.

Depression hurts...and I'm your advocate - your biggest fan. And with YourAdvoKit and as you acting as your own advocate and ALL the resources on this page...the tip sheets, mind maps, & guides. The ebooks & coloring books, etc - in the store and Beta Bundles area...we will get through this together. Because knowledge is power, and the more you know, learn and actively participate in your healing process...the quicker you'll heal and the higher the chance you will recover.

These things take time, tweaking, adjusting and learning who you are and what works best for you - but they do work and can be done.

Depression hurts...but you don't have to do it alone. I am your support system, YourAdvoKit is your support system, YourAdvoKit and its members are your support system...and most all the tools here are yours to download and use most are free.

I won't pretend when depression hurts that it's easy to work at anything let alone work at healing from the primary source of contention. But when done in small bites and with the proper can be done. 

Download some or ALL of the resources as you can. I suggest one at a time. Conquer it and move on to the next. But DON'T download them and let them sit on your hard drive. Set time aside each day to work on them and with each bite and small step you'll be closer to what it is you're looking for and growing towards.

Also, I'd love if you'd take a minute to sign up for Facebook. I've been so busy building the site, I've been rather lax in the social media department. I'm anxious to get a group started in support of us who are in need of more -! It takes a village...and together we shall stand with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. Happy, dancing hearts!

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