Confidence Life Hack 

People are attracted to those who are confident. Who would you hire if you had two candidates for a job? The one who walks in, chest puffed out, with a firm hand shake, broad smile and convinces you they can do whatever it is you need done; or the applicant who hides behind their resume and can barely speak during the interview? It’s a rhetorical question and obviously, a no brainer…but you get my point, right?

I have a simple little hack for you that can turn you from a hesitant and apprehensive person into someone who’s collected, composed and at ease in any situation.

Fake it Till You Make It

I’m not kidding; and it works! It's a life hack that works over and over again. Think about confident people in your life. How do they act? How do they walk and talk? Pay attention to the confident people around you and study them.

Start acting more confident, especially when you're not feeling it. Walk up to a person, shake their hand and look them straight in the eye as you introduce yourself..

Watch your confident friends, acquaintances, colleagues, or even your boss and then emulate what they do. Get in the habit of acting confident, even if you don’t feel it. If you catch yourself slouching, casting your eyes down or thinking that you aren’t good enough, stop it and start acting confident.

Before you know it something interesting happens. You’re doing things you never thought you could, you’re striking up conversations, you’re asking to be put on big projects and things are going really well. Each little success will build up your confidence and before you know it you don’t have to fake it anymore. You are becoming a more confident person. The biggest hurdle is the first step.

Confidence Life Hack Assignment

Act like a confident person at least once a day. It helps to think about your day ahead of time and the types of situations you may find yourself. Go over them in your mind and visualize how the “confident you” would react. This will help you play your part when the time comes. Over time you’ll be able to do this more spontaneously. Keep working on it and start acting confident more often.