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Coloring pages to print below...but first

Because no remedy or treatment for healing and growing stronger should be out of your reach. Yet there's something to be said about striving for, taking more pride in and applying a greater effort when you haven't been merely handed these things no matter how big or small. Still, what matters most is you have and use as many resources possible to obtain the greatest level of health. I call them your “tools” for your mental health toolbox, and mine overfloweth! 

Personally, I gave up on modern or Eastern medicine quite some years ago. It – just – didn’t – help! But that’s me. Since then, I’ve gone back to the roots I was raised and embrace a holistic approach all the way around. From St. Johns Wart and Passion Flower, to EFT, Meditation and art…mainly spending hours, sometimes days [for the more complex pages] creating just one coloring sheet. But it’s worth it to me because the relief, the peace I get from it - is tenfold times one hundred.

Here you’ll find plenty of FREE pages to download. Don’t let the thumbnail size throw you off. When downloaded they’ll fit a full 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Download as many as you wish. Share them with your children. Make “stable mental health,” a fun family activity. I know firsthand, having two sons that face their own personal struggles, that the sooner you encourage them to face their challenges, fears and obstacles…the BETTER!

Get creative. At the bottom of this page I’ve listed several ideas for taking your coloring pages to another level.

I also added links to the coloring books I’ve on sale online at Amazon in paperback but I’ve also those same books that aren’t listed on Amazon as digital downloads [to date you still can’t print from Kindle, so there’s no way for me to offer the digital download on their platform.] The digital download is obviously less expensive because there are no overhead, printing, shipping or middleman costs.

Lastly, every one of my adult coloring books/pages are intentionally designed to heal. Whether that be the therapeutic effect of theme such as “nature” or the idea behind the series of the book, such as “using the psychology of color,” or by using motivating, inspirational quotes to inspire you. The Hue Knew? Series can be upgraded to a complete kit including a workbook with accompanying coursebook, worksheets, affirmation cards and an infographic on the psychology behind the color and is subject specific just like the coloring books, i.e. “Positive Thinking,” “Gratitude,” and “Exciting Opportunities.”

I will die happy if I’ve helped JUST one person!

Now…the FREE Coloring Pages to Print!

Ideas for Your Printable Pages:

Print the coloring sheets on colored paper choosing a color that will be similar to one you’re using when shading it in.

Print the coloring sheet[s] on magnetic paper to hang on the refrigerator. [Markers and ink pens that don’t bleed are best used on magnetic sheets.]

After coloring your page: add embellishments [purchased from craft stores, etc] that compliment your creation.

After coloring your page: go over the parts you’d like to appear as 3D, with a gel pen, paint pen or anything that would add a thick outline.

After coloring your page: use tape/glue tabs [about an 1/8th thick] to adhere it to a hard board background. Whether that be poster board, a piece of wood, plastic or metal, or the back of an old picture frame in which you’re only using the part of the frame with the arm that stands the picture on its own.

After coloring your page: Cut it to size and place it in an acrylic frame!

Also, download the free “Artisan Techniques for the Beginner” to learn various techniques you can use with your coloring utensils that take you out the of crayon box and into an expansive colorful world.

Other Adult Coloring Books That Heal are Unique and Fun!

Color My World Serene Variety Edition: Amazon Paperback:BUY OR Digital Download:BUY

” Not just a coloring book; it’s a strategically designed ‘kit’!”

Studies prove, a brief 20-minute mental break each day has a huge and positive effect and is very beneficial to a person’s mental and physical health. Whether you suffer from depression and anxiety or not. In addition to the coloring pages there are a few unique pages I’ve not seen in others and make this book so special. Including:

  • 6 Daily Affirmation Cards meant to be colored, cut out, laminated and carried with you; taking the time to read them frequently throughout your day.
  • The “Applying The Law of Attraction to Your Thoughts” report.
  • A link to “YourAdvoKit; Growing Strong Mini Course” – a free 5-day email course offered for those who are interested in taking their journey to healing one step further.

The Hue Knew? Series: Using the Psychology Behind the Color to Soothe Anxiety and Ease Depression

By using the psychology of color to emote and evoke the emotions they’re associated with you’re better able to de-stress and relax. But did you also know you can also: stop fidgeting, lower blood pressure, and even increase intelligence? Because as humans, sometimes we let fear, our lack of being mindful and even ourselves - stand in our own way. Most often, this is a subconscious act. Will these coloring books drastically change your life and how you live it? Nah, only you have the power to do that. But they’re a really, REALLY - great first step and in the right direction for forging forward and taking what is yours and what you deserve.

Not a Coloring Book – But Also Very Healing and Helpful

Crafting a LOA Vision Board [That REALLY Works!]  Amazon Paperback BUY  OR Digital Download:BUY

The Law of Attraction is a way of life. It’s not a magical formula, and it’s not someone asking you to put on a happy face and lie about how you’re feeling. It doesn’t require a trained professional’s assistance, a doctor or certified provider and months or years of grueling sessions to learn how to apply it to your life. The Law of Attraction is a practical mindset shift to bring you the ultimate happiness and quality of life that you need to function day to day but most importantly…deserve. It’s easy to do, and the best part? It’s portable, everyone can do it and it’s scientifically proven to work! Combine LOA when creating your own vision board, then obtaining what you’ve ever envisioned wanting or needing can now be a reality and yours for the keeping.