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Before you can begin reversing the signs of aging gracefully -  you must take a closer look at why your body is aging to begin with. Getting older is the obvious reason but not the only one. As you read, keep in mind that every step of the way, you do have the resources to turn back time, so long as you possess the knowledge. Unfortunately, too many people choose to give up…accepting aging as a part of life.

From the time you are born, you begin aging. And we all age at different “speeds.” For some - “over the hill” is equivalent to 40. For others, when they’re declared a senior citizen. And for a few, that day never seems to come.

In your twenties, you may not see signs of aging, but this is when it’s important to start taking the steps to prevent the aging process. It’s now when people are being diagnosed with diseases typically found in older individuals, like diabetes. And then there’s the dreaded gray hairs. Of course, it’s not uncommon to get one or two in your teens either. I was blessed with my first when I was just 16.

In your thirties, more people start to see signs of aging. Your skincare regimen might need to change from a young adult with oily skin to a grown man or woman whose skin is now dry. 

You may start to endure higher levels of stress as you morph from college studies to responsibility to support an entire family on your own. There’s no doubt, and has been scientifically studied and proven…stress does fast forward the aging process. So it’s important that you begin taking the preventive measures now and learn how to better manage it in your future.

When you enter your forties, is when you begin to see changes in your mind and body. You may start to see sagging in your skin, more wrinkles, and uneven blotches [age spots.] Past years of worshipping the sun – may have done damage that turns into skin cancer, so be mindful of that.

The older you get, the more signs you start to see. More diseases. More sadness and anxiety. More noticeable aging in the skin. But not irreversible. Not something you have to accept lying down.

It’s important to keep in mind, you can treat the signs of aging with medicine, natural action steps, and even a better mindset. These methods can be simplistic and affordable. So long as you keep an open mind, a positive attitude, do your research, and arm yourself with the knowledge of the anti-aging process, half the battle has been won.

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