About Coloring Pages for Adults

Adult coloring pages are a good and natural alternative amongst the copious amounts of treatments, remedies, therapies and medications to choose from to help ease your symptoms of poor emotional health; because to date, there are no cures. And then there are the many levels and layers of the illnesses and how you choose to treat them that’s comfortable or fitting for you…

Where do I begin?

Depending on who you are, your opinion of all the options, and the opinion others may have of you for using any one of them. Hopefully, it’s this last one that won’t matter, sadly for many it does. Because the stigma that is attached to any illness that falls within the mental health realm is unfairly unfavorable.

This infuriates me. But until we all begin to stand together and take the stance that we will not tolerate being shamed or bullied for not being 100% well, [what is 100% well anyway?] then we’re just going to have to be as strong as we can and fight harder for ourselves than ever.

…and then there were “adult coloring pages”

I had been using art and in several forms unknowingly as therapy for most of my life. Being born an introvert, with a dash of “bashful,” made seeking treatment outside my own 4 walls difficult for me.

Fast forward a few decades and my introverted, bashfulness has morphed into full blown diagnosed agoraphobia and extreme social anxiety with several other comorbidities.

I have found in adult coloring pages’ peace that just can’t be found [for me] anywhere else. My repetitious thoughts seem to wain when I get lost in these coloring pages. The ones I’m proudest I frame and give as gifts to my family. There’s something to be said about a homemade gift and the love that went into creating it and the appreciation of the recipient when it is given.

I think society has set a precedence that only our children should make us gifts; and we adults should go to a store and buy them [and the more expensive the better.] But because of this precedence so much has been lost. Mainly the meaning behind the gift. 

The Profound Effect

In particular; adult coloring pages; when framed [or made special in other creative ways] and given as a special present…can have such a profound effect for both the gift giver and receiver. Most importantly for the creator of the gift. For it’s this very coloring page that not only brought them peace, joy and relaxation while putting their colored pencil to paper, but to have the support and acknowledgment of the very people they love; who genuinely love the gift that was given to them; can be life changing.

And a boost to the self-esteem is purely a positive to one’s soul too!

Adult coloring pages are not a trend. I am proud to say…they are here to stay. I’ve seen over the past year so many new editions, sizes and themes for sale; and I am not partial to my own publications.

I encourage you to purchase from many different authors because we all have different styles of coloring pages, themes for the “adult coloring books”, as well as publish in different formats and sizes.

I think the variety is exciting, and most importantly…very much needed. I am proud to work alongside these incredible authors/publishers and am anxious to see and purchase their new works as they are released too!

From adult coloring pages, to a bountiful of information and array of courses, worksheets and tools…YourAdvoKit is ALL about helping YOU understand your mental health so that you’re better able to accept this piece of your life. Once accepted; you’re better able to cope with the illness(es) that for so many; make daily living an incredibly difficult and overwhelming task.

And living should never, ever be felt as though you're performing a "task." It just shouldn't.

From here; use the site navigation to assist you in your journey and choose the options you feel are most relevant to how you feel today. Whether that be to download a page to color, a report to read, articles on the subject of mental health, and a whole host of other unique, fun tools you’ll find in YourAdvoKit. Come back later today, tomorrow or next week to find your pleasure again. 

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I never did think small…

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