Mental Health Articles Assist in Your Recovery

Mental Health Articles for self help and those who want more information about these devastating disorders. The best way to heal and encourage quicker recovery is to become your own advocate, educating yourself about the type of mental illness you have.

On this page, you’ll find information on the best ways to treat your mental health, the causes of, as well as behavior and thinking patterns that keep you stuck.

These articles will also address alternative remedies for these disorders, including meditation, acupuncture, supplements and herbal solutions and other types of therapy as well as lifestyle choices. They include; ways to feel better and how to change your mood using many of the tools you’ll find on this site.

No mental health issue is biased and can affect most anyone. These articles will also focus on depression in children and the elderly too; it's quite an expansive list, and will continue to grow. These are helpful articles that list causes, symptoms, possible diagnoses and ways to treat the effects most mental illnesses cause.

The articles are divided by subject. Simply click on your topic of interest below, and they will open in a new tab/window. 

I'm always open to suggestions and opinions and the topics on YourAdvoKit; what you want more of, like me to go into more detail...anything that would help me - help you. These articles can be downloaded,  printed or read online. I strongly suggest you utilize these materials in a manner you get the most out of them.

Personally, I print everything. This enables me to highlight the important stuff; take notes and dog ear the pages I'd like to reference frequently. It also gives me something to read in between commercials when I'm taking a "Tv" break or ready for bed. J

Mental Health Articles broken down into topics