Turn adult coloring pages...into a life changing experience

There is a misconception that Adult Coloring Pages are a form of “art therapy,” but they are not. Technically, art therapy is done under the counsel of a therapist and is much more involved than crayons and coloring sheets. Including sand, clay, paint, even music. In addition to the therapist encouraging her client to draw images of their feelings/emotions, as opposed to shading in a readymade picture.

That’s Not to Say You Can’t Get a Therapeutic Effect Out of An Adult Coloring Book

Should you have the correct instruction – the guidance to use certain techniques or choose hues based on the emotions they trigger or soothe and the correct instruction for exercises loosely based on ones taken from a therapist’s tool chest.

Is it the same as art therapy? Nah, not really. Am I saying you should replace your therapist with these books? NO, don’t do that! But is it helpful? Is it worth it? Absolutely! And it’s a 100% benign, simplistic and a fun tool to have tucked away in one’s mental health toolbox. And you can never have too many tools in your mental health toolbox!

Let me introduce myself…my name is Susan EH Thomas, and I am certified in Color Theory, In 1995 I got married, had my first son Jacob on 01/01/2000 [the millennium!] and my second, Luke just 19 months later. After several traumatic family mental health events…I quit my career and devoted my time and life to the prevention of suicide and the area of mental health. Mine, my families and all in need of emotional support.

After having recovered from my own mental health hardships, working with my son to help heal his and in combination with my educational background and life experiences – I united all these things – making incredibly unique coloring sheets done in Nature, 3D, Frames [some blank and some with quotes] and a few Mandalas. I assigned them to a color scheme and a topic; i.e. “Positive Thinking,” “Gratitude,” “Exciting Opportunities,” and made them one doable, easy task.

This didn’t happen overnight. These were the lessons and coloring pages I put together for my family and local groups over the past 6 years. But it was this past year I decided to polish them up and incorporate them into my online endeavors. I love these books because the coloring pages can just be downright, fun coloring pages used without any regard to the rest of the kit. Or they can be your workhorse without feeling like work at all.

This is a fun and ridiculously simplistic approach that combines the psychology of color, various coloring techniques & exercises, with a short workbook based on the subject of the kit - all tied together.

An elephant is best digested in small bites, and so is the over complicated lifestyles so many of us face too.

Because this is just the tip of the iceberg. I've 6 years of these "MentalFitnEssentials Kits" and am super excited to start rolling them ASAP! And it all starts with the first step, or in this case..."kit." The "Positive Thinking MentalFitnEssentials Kit."

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A whopping 74% of the population is stressed out. And most all of us want to find relief but don’t know how. Or know how, but are too embarrassed, or don’t have the time, or worst-case scenario, we don’t have the emotional energy to put forth the effort. It’s a double edge sword, a dangerous cycle, a dead end. 

You take baby steps, you take one small bite at a time. And with each bite digested, every ounce of courage gained…you grab another piece of freedom, faith, accomplishment and then you take another bite.

Life is not complicated - people are. And when we start healing, is when we see more clearly and can start moving forward. One MentalFitnEssentials Kit at a time. One step at a time.

A few Examples Taken From This Book

Summary of What's Included

Love - hugs and peace!